Public Policy Project

Since its inception, GRUS has had as one of its goals the creation and coordination of a network of groups that work on key public policy issues.  Specific activities include regional planning meetings, mutual dissemination of materials, and targeted action alerts.

To accomplish this, we publish our weekly GRUS eNewsletter. GRUS News includes Weekly Events, a Save The Date calendar, activist job opportunities, and other items of interest to progressive Georgians.

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Public Policy Goal

Our goal is to create, grow and coordinate a statewide legislative network of groups throughout Georgia committed to social, economic and environmental justice, and human rights. By connecting progressive Georgians, we:

  • Increase grassroots participation in the preparation of public policy by distributing information to and among diverse groups and promoting effective action.
  • Promote dialogue and cooperation among groups dedicated to progressive change at the state and community level.
  • Maintain a consistent progressive presence at the Georgia General Assembly.

GRUS believes that there must be grassroots involvement in public policy issues and a coordinated strategy for furthering progressive change in Georgia.