Event Submissions

What to Submit

The Summit accepts submissions of Events and News Items from Member Organizations, nonprofits, and other progressive organizations.  Announcements are posted as a public service.


How to Submit  An Event or News Item

The methods to submit an event are listed below:

  • Send an email with your event to . Please be sure to review the Guidelines below.
  • COMING SOON: GRUS Member Organizations will be allowed to Log In and submit or edit their Events directly from the GRUS site.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions MUST include the following information:

  • Name and Address of the Sponsor Organization;
  • Phone and Email of the Contact Person for the Event;
  • Location of the Event;
  • A brief Description of the Event or News Items.

Additional information that is often helpful to include, if available:

  • Web Addresses, for further information on the Event or Sponsor Organization;
  • Alternate Contact Information.