Georgia Rural Urban Summit 2005 Legislative Agenda

The Summit supports the legislative priorities of its member groups and assists as needed in advocacy for the following agenda:

Support proposals that improve the quality of Education in Georgia

Advocate for legislation that supports the best interests of students and teachers, especially the academic interests of low-income, minority, and/or gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. This includes opposition to funding changes, such as sales tax based schemes, that would reduce education funding or make annual allotments unstable. GRUS supports inclusive classrooms for disabled and ethnic students and equal access to services.

Oppose Gun violence

Support legislation that provides for gun safety, gun control and parental responsibility.

Support Reproductive Health Services

Oppose restrictions on access to reproductive health services and promote equal access to reproductive health options for all women, but especially women of color, low-income women and others disproportionately affected by such restrictions. Oppose changes to current law which would deny women health care rights or insurance access.


Support legislation that strengthens environmental justice efforts, including enforcement actions and accountability by the appropriate agencies. Support key environmental initiatives to protect water and air quality, maintain and/or expand greenspace and meet other environmental goals. Oppose legislation that seeks to rollback environmental protections or poses new threat to the environment (such as nuclear waste transportation disposal or storage in Georgia).

Support Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Laws

Support any proposed anti-discrimination laws that are inclusive of all people, especially in the areas of employment, housing, banking, insurance and education. Oppose any legislation that seeks to exclude lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people from rights granted to others. Support re-introduction of a Hate Crimes Bill that is fully inclusive. Support anti-racial profiling legislation. Support the homeless, immigrant and refugee communities in all basic civil rights struggles and non-discriminatory access to services.

Protect Religious Liberty and Maintain Separation of Church and State

Oppose any legislation or proposed Constitutional Amendment that would breakdown the current separation of church and state, including bills that would allow public school vouchers, creationism curriculums, religious document postings/displays or state sanctioned prayer.

Good Government

Support campaign finance reform legislation such as those proposal that would limit campaign contributions or would provide for publicly financed campaigns. Support ethics reform in coalition with other groups that promote model legislation. Support efforts that expand voting rights, ex-felon reenfranchisement or access to voting. Support legislation that requires standards and practices that make business good corporate citizens and working family friendly, like the Good Jobs First proposal.

Georgia State Flag

Oppose efforts that would seek a return to the 1956 Georgia State Flag.

Disability Rights

Support legislative and administrative efforts to ensure full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as passage of any other measures to secure disability rights. This includes full implementation of the Olmstead decision and full funding for programs.

Funding for ADAP and “Unlock the waiting Lists’” Campaigns

Support full funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and support the goals and objectives of the “Unlock the Waiting Lists!” campaign, including expanding waivers for services, direct care and Medicaid entitlements.

Physical and Mental Health

Support initiatives that enhance the deliverability, accessibility and quality of healthcare, particularly for elderlyand indigent patients. This includes addressing the issues of care and shelter for those people who are homeless. Oppose any rollback of existing insurance equity provisions. Support Medicaid entitlements.


Support reforms that improve the conditions and age appropriate treatment of juveniles. Support the proposal to establish a death penalty moratorium.  Support enforceable fair lending practice enhancements. Oppose Tort Reform provisions that deny citizen access to the justice system or that place unfair caps on liability awards.



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