Fighting Foreclosures: A Call to Action


Various on-going actions, protests, and events sponsored by the Atlantans Fighting Foreclosure Coalition (over 40 organizations!) … all working to demand that the big banks modify their predatory loans so that our neighbors can stay in their homes.

You can help hold the banks accountable. For more information and to get on the Alert email list, call 770.313.4628

Home Defense

Atlanta Legal Aid Society helps protect low income workers from "salary-buyers" who charged usurious interest rates. In the current economic climate Atlanta Legal Aid Society continues to protect the poor and elderly from predatory mortgage lending and home equity scams through the Home Defense Program. You can reach the main office at 404.524.5811

For intake, call the office for your county of residence. Locations at


Visit USAction info and issues pages for the latest in Federal Campaigns and while you are there, go to the Take Action page and participate with a click or two!

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Historic Speech on Hate Crimes Legislation

Rep. Dan Ponder's historic speech on the floor of the GA House of Representatives in favor of hate crimes legislation. Ponder, a South Georgia Republican and descendent of slave owners, delivered an impassioned attack on racism and bigotry. It is often referred to as one of the most influential speeches made before the Georgia House.  Read his speech or listen to an audio clip.

Americans for Responsible Taxes

USAction and Georgia affiliate, Georgia Rural Urban Summit, are proud to be a part of Americans for Responsible Taxes – a group of concerned communities and working families that believe the US can start to address the economic and budgetary issues we face by ending irresponsible tax policies that have cost us about one half of the nations deficit. Congress needs to act right away because there is about $1.4 trillion in revenue at stake that is needed to protect vital services we all depend on. Through public opinion research ART found that most Americans support raising taxes on the wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations.

To get the US on the right track the ART campaign proposes that; the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthiest should expire this year, we should restore the estate tax, we close tax loopholes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations and special tax subsidies like those for oil and gas companies, and tax relief for working families be made permanent.

Resource Guide

View a list of progressive organizations, their web sites and contact information.


Capitol Days 2012

View a calendar of the days when organizations plan to be at the Capitol.

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